It started out pretty innocently–a baby’s first words book here, a Dora story there. I had to get my four month old baby a board book version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar that was bigger than she was. And she really needed that book on farm animals so she wouldn’t get laughed out of music class during Old McDonald. She’d get a Christmas present from grandparents with a book attached, repeated for every other major holiday throughout the year. Three more girls and about nine hundred (a slight exaggeration) board books later, and I swear they were gettin’ busy in storage in the four year gap between babies Macie and Eleanor.

IKEA spice racks as book shelves at impressions by jani

With all our piles of books, I considered my options on how to store and display them in E’s nursery. As I’ve probably mentioned before, this room is tiny, just over 10×10 feet in size. A traditional book shelf would take up valuable floor space, plus, have you ever seen the way kids put books back on regular book shelves? No. I could just toss them all into a few baskets and call it good but that would be WAY TOO EASY.

IKEA spice racks as book shelves at impressions by jani

The IKEA spice racks (the Bekvam here) were the perfect solution. I’ve seen dozens of versions of this and have no idea what brilliant mind first dreamed this up, but they are so perfect.

IKEA Bekvam spice rack as book shelves at impressions by janiI just need about ten more. See how I still have a bunch in a basket? (additional basket of even MORE board book shoved under the crib not shown)

I really thought I’d do a whole tutorial on how to easily hang them and get them all lined up perfectly and stuff, but, well, the process was pretty frustrating and there may have been a grumpy baby involved and I This photo kinda illustrates my issue with installing these bad boys–do you see it?

IMG_6873Yeaaaaaah, that tape line should have been squared off just a leetle bit better so with I used it as a drilling guide for hanging my screws they would actually be, oh, I don’t know, level and plumb. So, don’t be like me.

Instead, here’s the wall before I hung them up.


Here’s the wall in the middle of the process. Riveting, right?

IMG_6877Let’s just look at one more pretty version to get those winners out of your mind.

Bekvam spice rack from IKEA used a book shelf at impressions by jani

In a perfect world I’d have detailed step by step instructions and genius tips and a fail-proof way to get everything level and square.

But then I’d also get to lose the baby weight (from all five babies, of course) by eating chocolate and chicken wings, and we all know that’s not happening. Instead, follow these instruction–hang your screws level and at the correct distance from each other to get into the hanging holes on the back of the spice racks. The end.

IMG_6896So there you go. My overly-procreative board books on shelves. They’re almost totally level, and I could be super anal about them about make about a gajillion more holes in my wall trying to get them actually level, but I’m pretty happy. They’re up, we can see all the books, and my four year old loves to pick one out for “us” to read to baby Ellie. Level schmevel. In my world, that’s totally winning.

Have you been working on any not-quite-perfect but still perfect projects lately?

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