containing the American Girl doll clutter – fun friday freebie!

I have three (soon to be four) daughters. Now, currently my daughters are in softball (older two) and dance (younger one). Over the years they’ve tried soccer and swimming, signed up for gymnastics, and starred in their classes’ dance recitals. My oldest loves nothing better than being outside, exploring and digging and gardening and playing. My middle daughter loves contraptions and gadgets–she’s the one who always asks for a remote-controlled something for Christmas and her birthday (even at age 3). My youngest daughter is a pretty major girly-girl, always stealing my lipstick and shoes, and she loves to carry her own purse and her baby everywhere she goes. They all, though, love to ride bikes and scooters and play with the neighborhood boys.

All that to say, I think my girls are pretty well rounded, activities-wise. They like things that are considered both girly and boyish. We try to keep a pretty balanced mix of options–trains AND My Little Ponies are in their toy bins. But these things?

impressions by jani free American Girl doll printable

They’re taking over my house! (Though really, how cute are those tiny doll-sized roller skates?) Both big girls have American Girl dolls that they love and cherish. I love that they have them–I had one myself as a kid (who remembers Samantha???) We also have three Bitty Babies. And they’re all slowly accumulating what seems to be every last item in the catalog, not to mention the Target knock-offs and other brands. They really only get new doll items for birthdays and Christmas, but with each set having so many pieces, it can really add a lot of clutter to their rooms. And while the actual American Girl storage is lovely, it’s out of my budget and too big for our spaces, especially for two. 🙂

Here’s what I decided to do instead–and it’s both inexpensive and takes up literally zero space in my kids’ rooms.

impressions by jani american girl organization free printableWe had one of these over-the-door shoe organizers that had about two and a half pairs of cast off shoes in it in our laundry room–we just weren’t using it anymore. So I gave it to Bailey a while back and she happily put most of her things away, and thoughtfully pinned the dresses to the wall behind.impressions by jani free printable for american girl doll organization

Uhhhh, no. I also noticed that she wasn’t using these things as much anymore–she couldn’t find what she wanted. For a while she solved that by labeling everything with post-it notes (wish I had a photo of that!) but they fell off and got tossed in our recent room purge. So I sat down this week to make her some labels for all her doll things.

impressions by jani american girl doll labels

I used a free American Girl-ish font called InnerStar–the i’s and j’s are dotted with a star! How adorable is that?

american girl organization

I’ve uploaded a free printable of the labels to my website–get it here! Nine of the labels have common doll item categories, and I also included nine blank labels, in case you have other needs and want to just fill in your own. The labels themselves were ridiculously easy to make.

american girl doll labels - free printable at impressions by jani

You’ll need clothespins, acrylic craft paint, and some decorative washi tape or glitter on a roll. Paint your clothespins–an easy way to do this is attach them to a spare empty box.


They really sucked up the paint, so spray painting would likely be even faster. While the paint is drying, cut out the star labels with straight cuts of the scissors. Then add the decorative tape or glitter and use a dab of hot glue to attach the star labels to your blinged-out clothespins.

impressions by jani american girl doll labels

Now Bailey can organize and reorganize to her heart’s content. And I won’t be stepping on any more tiny roller skates.

Do you have any organization projects planned for this weekend? Or is your weekend filled with kid activities like mine. Enjoy it!

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