Daily Archives: April 25, 2012

the sisters

The eldest is headstrong. She loves to be active, outside, and loud. She craves an ADVENTURE and daily bemoans the fact that we live on a quiet cul-de-sac instead of on a deserted island, in the middle of the jungle, or in a mountainous wilderness. She loves the earth and wants to save “all the cute animals” in the world.

The middle is easy-going. She is a pleaser and loves to make her daddy and me happy by remembering to put things away and help around the house. Happy to sit inside with a screen in front of her on a beautiful spring day, I have to encourage her to get out and DO something, be active. She is bright and quiet and go-with-the-flow chill.

Like oil and water, my oldest two. They always say that with girls, three’s a crowd. I see this daily in my home, usually with the oldest and the youngest paired off, with my sweet middle girl left out. I try not to referee too much–they’re young and they need to know how to work it out. Sometimes they do, and sometimes there’s tears. I guess it’s all part of raising girls.

But moments like this, they get my heart. The eldest just found out last week that she needs glasses. She is EXCITED and really looks forward to wearing them and seeing things at school more clearly. But as with all things, she is nervous about the change.

The middle one picked out a library book yesterday specifically with this in mind: DW Gets Glasses. In a quiet moment before school this morning, the eldest read it to the middle. Both were engrossed. That rare moment of sisterly bonding–makes me realize they’ll be okay.


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