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I love you breakfast for dinner

I wasn’t going to do much for Valentine’s Day this year.


I was going to keep things simple.



I didn’t plan much for my girls—store bought Valentines and candy for school, just a card from Ryan and I.


And then I decided to get over myself. The girls are always so very excited for our I Love You breakfast. They talk about what present they got last year (and the year before!) from us for Valentine’s Day. And even though I’ve only converted one of them from waffles with syrup to waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, I couldn’t let this day go by without celebrating the love I have for my girls.

And they were excited.

I couldn’t get this one away from the table—she tried to open each of the presents before Daddy got home (and they were only on the table for the 10 minutes between when he called to say he was on his way and his arrival).



This one could hardly wait to find out which present was hers. And then dig in to the yummy food.


The oldest one—you know, the girl in the background of these? She was pretty blasé the whole day. Interested, but not overly so. She was just playing it cool all afternoon.


She did enjoy herself and liked the decorations. But it was painfully obvious to this mommy that she’s growing up. *sigh*


Good thing these two are still suuuuuuuper enthusiastic! After clean-up, we spent the evening blowing bubbles (Macie’s present), playing Jenga (Natalie’s present), and listening to Little House on the Prairie (book on CD, Bailey’s present). Ryan and I were luck enough to spend an Evening in Paris on Saturday night, so yesterday was about family for us (check the links for photos of yours truly and my handsome man during our fun night on the town).


What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Any special traditions for your family? Is it all about romantic love for you or more of an excuse for special family time?

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I love her all curly and rosy and just awake from her nap

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february 2008 - ballet Bailey, this is still hanging on my wall


february 2008 - Natty at 1 and a half, well used to running away from my camera

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My girls playing

february 2007 - I could not tell until I got this printed that it was totally out of focus . . .

Those little pearly whites

february 2007 - baby Natty


I need to start photographing my kids again.

Not when the house is clean.

Not when they’re wearing the cutset, most perfect photo-worthy outfits.

Not when they’re “into” it.

Not when I don’t have anything else to do.

Now. I have so many cherished images of my girls through the years–I was active on Flickr for three solid years posting photos of my girls nearly every day. I know it’s bound to slow down with more kids and more outside activities, but I sure miss creating these images for myself, for my family. I think I’ll get back to that.

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