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living room in progress

So I listed out my home goals for the year a few weeks ago (among other ramblings), and I’m starting to pick away at the list. Sadly, #1 on the list, finish Bailey’s room, is in about the same place it was when I posted the goals. Add a not-so-tidy seven year old living in the room for the past month (with minimal cleaning-up), and it’s not pretty. But, never one to finish a project before I dive into a new one, I’m ready to tackle

  • #6 general freshening up around the house–especially the living room when our new couch arrives! (eeeek, I am so excited!)

I snapped a few photos last week when my living area was in (mostly) photo-worthy shape to show you all what I’m working with.Yes, I went to Habit Burger for lunch that day, how did you know??? (note to self–next time you take photos for the blog, clean up the evidence beforehand/)

And so you can get an idea of the general space planning, here’s a shot from the kitchen–yellow chair and fireplace are to the left.

As I’m starting to get ideas for this room, I strolled through my decor pins to get a handle on what I want to do in this room. And ta-da! My first mood board.

Sources: couch, rug, chest, drapes, & media console

We’ve already purchased the sectional shown above in a rich chocolate brown, and I have an old trunk of my mom’s that I want to use as a coffee table–I just got some Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in Old White to use on it. The sectional will anchor the room, but I want it to still feel light and airy, so I think the light-toned trunk will help bounce some light around in that windowless corner. I also have plans for a large photo and art gallery wall above where the loveseat currently sits (opposite the kitchen) anchored by our family photo printed as a 16×20).

I’ve noticed I’m also drawn to modern geometrics for the textiles. The rug and drapes above are more ideas, a jumping-off point as I look around to find exactly what I want.I need some help with mantel styling, clearly, and I want to freshen up the lamp by my yellow chair (I’m thinking jute twine and a new drum shade) and bring my ceramic garden stool back over to work as a side table. Otherwise, the only “big” piece I’m still on the hunt for is a decent media console that has oodles of storage but also a bit of personality. I saw the perfect piece last night at the local Annie Sloan’s stockist’s studio, Embellish & Restore. It is a twin to the desk I refinished for my entryway–the scrollwork on the drawers and the leg details are identical. But the piece is already sold, darn it! So I will keep looking.

The area that really needs help, though, and the area I am completely clueless as to what to do with is this:

Anyone else have “plant shelves” that they’ve accessorized successfully? We’ve been in this house just over two years, I have two of these plant shelves (one here, one in the kitchen), and I really am stuck as to what I want to do with them. I’d like to have more items on display up there, but I don’t want it completely filled with STUFF. I’m not married to reusing any of the pieces that are currently there in that space, and I definitely need a direction.

Ooooh, brainwave! I think I’m going to get several antique windows and hang them on the back wall of the shelves to reflect some light without adding mirrors. Otherwise, though, I’m still stuck. I would love some ideas if you have any!

Now I’m off to watch my phone some more, willing it to ring with the news that my couch will be delivered. This weekend I hope to check several things off my house to-do list. Do you have any fun plans?

Have a great weekend!

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