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the nursery dash

Anyone who’s known me for long knows I suffer from a severe case of procrastination. About pretty much every aspect of my life. I’m the girl who used to do her 5th period calculus homework at lunchtime in the caf just before class. I don’t believe I ever turned in a college paper that I didn’t write the bulk of the night before it was due. And if it weren’t for my husband’s amazing plan-ahead-and-always-be-prepared attitude (he’s not an Eagle Scout for nothing!) we would have welcomed all our moving help for each of our dozens of moves with empty boxes and a trashed house.

Naturally, this same attitude has migrated into my mom/wife life, and I tend to do my cleaning/cooking/prep at the end of the standard business day, right before daddy comes home and the peasants rejoice. So even though I’ve known since May that baby boy was on the way and have been pulling inspiration for his nursery since the DAY of my ultrasound, I’m just now really getting down to it.

Here’s the plan. White crib–already have! This bedding from Pottery Barn kids

with this fabric for curtains and a lumbar pillow for my glider.


The color scheme for the rest of the room flows from there. Here’s the to-do list:

  • paint nursery
  • finish painting dresser/changing table (it’s already sanded and primed, whoohoo!)

  • sand, prime, and paint glider
  • make really cool baseball bat mobile
  • sew curtains
  • sew slipcover for glider cushion (maybe my mom will help when she comes to visit after the baby is born . . .)
  • paint and recover footstool
  • shop for frames for gallery wall (thrift stores, baby!)
  • paint frames for gallery wall
  • install gallery wall

I’ve got a little over three weeks to get it all done, at least that’s what I’m planning. What do you think my chances are?


this morning at my house

Today, if the middle of the usual pre-school frenzy of making lunches, finding backpacks and odd shoes, and attempting to do three girls’ hair, my husband called me back to the younger girls’ room. I’m so glad he did. Our two year old had disappeared and was being awfully quiet, which is usually a sign of trouble, as any mom of a two-year-old or former-two-year-old would tell you.

Instead, we found this

Naturally, I plopped myself down on the floor and started building up that tower (before realizing that plopping on the floor at 36 weeks pregnant is not exactly the *best* idea in the world). Then I snuck off to get my camera.

Doncha just love the reality that is my blog? Dress-up clothes galore, a few stuffed animals, stray princess shoes, bed head, mismatched PJs. Just another typical morning at our house.

She IS a cutie! Just a few more weeks until this doll-baby is no longer the baby of the family. Buckle up!

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