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party planning is a group affair, a Tinkerbell party to remember

Last July, my middle daughter turned four and wanted her first ever friend birthday party. She has a bunch of adorable little cutie pals from school and church, and she’d been to several parties over the course of the spring. Starting in about, oh, February, my then-three-year-0ld Natalie would come to me, blinking her big beautiful brown eyes at me and talk for hours about her party–the theme (Tinkerbell), who she’d invite (everyone on the planet she’s ever met, my Nat just loves people), what presents they’d get her (a pony! her very own goggles! a big-kid razer scooter!), the food (cake). And then we’d cycle back around. I tried to declare a moratorium on party planning until at least her birth month, but three year olds are not easily sidetracked. So we chatted. And chatted. And chatted.

Meanwhile, I poured over the blogging world, discovering wonderful fairy party after wonderful fairy party. Goodness did I have ideas! Natty and I were on the same page–the pinker and fluffier we could make this party, the better!

The reality, though, is that my girl was turning 4. Not 14, not 40, but four, and she didn’t seem to have a money tree growing under her bed to foot the bill. So to avoid double-mortgaging my house to give her a rocking wild Tink party, I got a little creative, used ideas I could find, and had some fun. So if you’re looking for a fantastically whimsical, over-the-top with amazingness party, seriously, check out those two links above. But we had a fun little twirly fairy party for 10 little pixies, complete with a follow the fairy game, pin-the-star on Tink’s wand fun, and some really sweet little fairy house decorating. Good times.

For starters, you can’t have a Tinkerbell party without traveling to Neverland! Both my big girls helped me make the stars so that our guests would come right in to Neverland, the step through the flower arch to enter Pixie Hollow. In the future (when I have a ladder tall enough to reach my vaulted ceilings), I’ll be able to add some additional decor–I had visions of floral streamers and branches hanging, but I just couldn’t get there!

Next up, play time! Paint, glitter, stickers, and ribbons made for adorable little pixie houses. As each girl finished up, she picked a few coloring sheets and received her own crayons to stay busy until the other girls were done. After that, we all ran outside for a special game of follow-the-fairy–I had a special pair of rainbow wings for the lead fairy. No pictures, though, too much running and playing!

Then finally, time for food! We had fairy wands and watermelon stars, grapes, and pixie cordial. Yummy stuff!

I made the cupcake toppers with a star punch and some iridescent paper–two punched stars with a toothpick sandwiched in between. And no fairy dessert is complete without pixie dust sprinkles.

Each girl also got her own fairy makeover at the beginning of the party–a little pixie dust makeup (mix glitter and aloe vera gel) works wonders!

Now I wish I had more images of the party, but it’s always such a struggle to document an event and still remain present and engaged, you know? So this number was a good compromise, with plenty of shots of the fun while I still got to play and have a good time.

Have you done a fairy or pixie party? I’d love to see a link in the comments!

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