Where did the week go?

Goodness, it’s Friday again! I had plans to get a whole bunch of posts prepped and ready over last weekend to publish this week while we were away enjoying our spring break, but with games and church and dyeing Easter eggs and packing, it all came to nothing. And next week we have family coming into town, so we shall see if I can get the projects posted I’ve been working on lately.


Baby girls has been crawling and getting into everything lately…I had to laugh this morning when she somehow got herself stuck on the corner of the coffee table! I shared it on Instagram (I’m janimouse over there if you want to follow along!) with the #meanmom then got caught up scrolling through all the other mean mom pics. Some are pretty hilarious if you need a laugh!

Enjoy your Easter weekend! We have an egg hunt with cousins tomorrow then church to celebrate our Savior’s resurrection. This is my favorite season.

it’s Friday!



How’s your week been? We’ve had our ups and downs, with a few sick days thrown in, but it’s the last school day before spring break and we.can’t.wait! We have some fun family things planned for next week that we are all looking forward to.

Our sick days gave us a little time off from our crazy five-days-a-week softball schedule we’re currently in, so we’ve had a bit more time at home enjoying the beautiful springtime, like the blackberry bush that is a riot if blossoms in the photo above. It’s completely taken over one of our raised beds in the garden, but the blackberry jam and pies I’m dreaming of will make up for that lost garden space. We’re really more of a fruit than vegetable family anyway.

I’m off to do a little last minute Easter shopping while the kids are at school and I can keep some secrets, then I’m looking forward to helping out with the second grade class Easter egg hunt! With a nursing baby at home this year, I haven’t been able to be in my girls’ classrooms like I would want to, and I’ve missed it. So this will be the perfect way to ease into our break.

I’ll be back next week with a few quick and easy projects, plus it seems I’m sewing new pillows for virtually every space in the house. Have a great weekend!

shopping for inspiration {5 ways to bring Anthropologie into your home today}

Who doesn’t love a good stroll through Anthropologie, am I right? Ok, that’s an easy question, my husband immediately sprigs to mind as someone who would pay to not have to walk through an Anthro store, but if you love reading home blogs, you probably love the store as much as me. Every time I walk in, I am inspired by different items and ideas, so after a recent trip to Anthro where I took about 50 photos (creeper!), I thought I’d share five inspiring ideas to bring into your home today.

1. Have a statement piece

Every space needs that one it item that immediately draws your attention and announces the feel for the room. It doesn’t have to be an expensive piece or even something you’ve purchased as-is–DIY is good! It just needs that wow factor to set the tone for the space.

2. Aged=beauty

I think in interiors, aged pieces are so lovely and add such warmth and soul to a room. These items can be big or small. Is distressed painted furniture not your thing? No problem, worn woods, slouchy leather, metal patina or assorted found objects can all provide that feeling of age that is so inviting.


I’m not saying your home should be a museum of old stuff–I love crisp modern colors and sleek pieces as well. But a few well-worn items help complete any room.

3. Use unexpected materials

This idea is pretty much a hallmark of Anthropologie, and it plays so nicely in homes. Wood and pipe shelving units are super popular right now, I love this little twist of using just the pipes to hang linens from. Now I’m dreaming of a pipe towel bar in my kids’ bathroom!

Or how about simply using a beautiful branch as a curtain rod? Using unexpected items in your home invites your visitors to look a little closer at the details and expresses so much personality. Love it.

4. Mix and match


Mix leathers, mix wood tones, mix textile patterns, and mix metals. As long is there is a cohesive thread running through your space, like a complementary color scheme or furniture style, you really can play a little bit with your finishes.


Not sure how to mix things up effectively? Use the gallon, quart, drop method to successfully mix and match metallics without taking your home to crazy-town. In a bedroom with oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures and door hardware (gallon), use chrome drawer pulls and nailhead trim (quart), and a brass or gold desktop accessory (drop).

5. Add life

I am a firm believer that every room looks better with live plants or flowers. They provide such a nice visual resting place for the eye after they’ve feasted on all the other personality in a space.

Plus, living plants are so pretty!

I didn’t spend a dime on my recent Anthro-stroll, but I’ve got tree separate steal-able ideas of projects to do, plus tons of inspiration for personalizing my home. I’m off to re-evaluate my spaces to see if I’ve got the wow! item in each of them I want. (Spoiler alert! I don’t). Then I’m going to start dreaming of ways to amp up the personality.

geometric what? {large-scale wall art}

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by jani

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by jani

The last few weeks as I’ve been working in my home and working on this little blog, I’ve noticed that I have many, many home projects that I never blogged about. Some were simple, quick fixes or updates that didn’t seem blog worthy. Some were “inspired by” ideas that were not 100% unique and original and therefore I deemed them not blog worthy. Some were new purchases/gifts that seemed a little braggy to share “Check out my new XYZ that cost $$$$!” Most of these little past projects will probably stay un-blogged-upon, primarily because at this point I have the attention span of a gnat. But, I’ve resolved to begin sharing the “inspired by” projects because really, isn’t that the whole point of blogging these days? To share projects and inspire others? And honestly, 97% of projects I see are all obviously inspired by something someone else has already done. As long as credit is given where credit is due, I think that’s a wonderful thing.

So, long wordy explanation for a suuuuuuper simple project I’m sharing today. I saw this image months ago on Pinterest and loved the bold geometric shapes and graphic quality of it. So when I clicked over to the blog it was from, My Sister’s Suitcase, I was totally inspired to do my own spin on the idea for Natalie and Macie’s room. This was before I dreamed up the reclaimed molding headboard that takes up all the wall space over the bed, so initially I was planning to put my version over their bed. With the headboard covering most of that wall, though, I shifted and realized I had already created the perfect spot for this project at Christmastime.

Last year at this time, their wall opposite the bed looked like this:

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by jani

My youngest two daughters got a new play kitchen for Christmas, though, and this wall was the only spot in the house where it could fit comfortably. So we moved the vertical bulletin board over and rehung it directly above the desk. That corner is now a bit crowded, as you can see in this completely  unstaged photo (just keeping it real, folks! pin that one, please), but my kids rooms really need to be as functional as they are pretty. And sometimes function trumps pretty entirely. It is what it is–we don’t have a playroom, so their stuff has to live in here with them.

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by jani Anyway, moving that bulletin board left a nice big empty space on the wall that needed filling–the whole wall was visually weighted on the desk side.

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by janiThis project was perfect to fill that space and to add a nice visual punch to balance out this wall. I initially planned to make a butterfly with triangles cut from scrapbooking paper–I even sketched out a to-scale plan of where to place the triangles (nerd alert!). Then I saw these hexagonal trays in the dollar section at Target and my mind started turning over ideas.

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by janiAnd like a crazy person, I plotted out my plan right on the floor of the store and immediate instagrammed it to make sure others could see what I saw. Either my instagram friends are as crazy as me or my design really does look like a butterfly! I cleaned out my store, then went back for a few more, but they’re since been restocked at one of the Target’s in town, so if you wanted to replicate this (or make your own design with the hexes), you may be in luck!

Getting it up on the wall could not be easier. First, lay out your plan with your trays. I could only get so many of the pink and blue trays at the time, so I wanted the yellow and green to be fairly well spread out. Once you like your design, take a photo at this point so you have it to refer to later when you assemble this on the wall.
diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by janiNext comes the most time-consuming part of the process–remove all the round price stickers and scrub them clean. The plastic of the tray is so soft that I couldn’t really use a razor blade to remove the stickers, which is my go-to trick for easy sticker removal. But really, it probably didn’t take me longer than about 20 minutes or so, so fire up some Netflix and peel away! Then get some 3M picture hanging strips, attach two together with the tabs at opposite ends, and cut them in half.

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by jani

These strips are rated to hold up to 4 pounds each, so cutting them in half still provides plenty of sticking power for these super lightweight trays, and it stretches your strips a little further. Then simply stick each half on the back of one of the trays. diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by janiPeel off the other backing, and stick them up on your wall in your preferred design. Easy, right?

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by jani

It’s definitely a more abstract than literal butterfly, but I’m really enjoying the effect, and I love that it brings all the colors in the play kitchen up to the wall and ties in nicely with the riot of colors in the bulletin boards.

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by janiI also love that the blue of the trays is almost an exact match of the blue in the shutter coat hanger. And honestly, it’s nice to break up the pink with the other colors, as well. At night with artificial light this room is PINK.
http://www.janiphotography.com/impressions/personalize-a-basic-bulletin-board-fabric-ribbon/What do you think? Can you see the butterfly?

diy hexagon butterfly wall art at impressions by jani

Or am I just the crazy lady in the dollar section? (-:

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